The Vintage Garden

Whitney’s obsession with flowers

Whitney is not only the co-founder of The Vintage Garden but also a full time designer and stylish as well. The Vintage Garden is established in the year of 2016 and has been doing well thanks to all of our loyal and beautiful supporters all these while.

The Vintage Garden brand name has been created in order to triumph over the void in the market for skilfully crafted flowery designs.

Our Motive, Our Goal, Our Expectations

The trademark of The Vintage Garden’s flowers derives fromĀ  avant-garde guide of contemplation, drawing inspiration from capricious romanticism that pique scheme and evoke individualism, Whitney’s finds encouragement around her atmosphere. Which spurs her to voyage more. In search for something fresher and applicable.

Most of our masterpieces are created to bring into existence a serving of nature into your surroundings. Each design tellsĀ  a different story and origin. She deeds to unhitch the loveliness of each individual flower by bringing each ingredient together to generate one spectacular work of art.

Whitney fulfilled one of her dreams by establishing her very own company in 2016. Everything is designed based on her passion. Her company is where she spends most of her time producing new masterpiece in order to satisfy all her supporting and future clients.

“We are passionate about making beautiful more beautiful”



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Lot 255, Jalan Baiduri 1, Pujut 3A, 9800 Miri, Sarawak

Tel : +6016-8942610


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Company Registration Number: 1372944-V